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Madusoodanan, Promoting Team Work & Mutual Support

Madusoodanan is the Logistics Manager for Total Refining & Chemicals – Qatar Branch Office.  He is a dedicated team player and works to ensure that health and safety are a priority with his team by encouraging new initiatives.

Total, runs in the family

“I joined Total in 2008, replacing my brother who had previously worked in the company for 13 years. I joined as senior logistics assistant, and over time promoted to manager position. My background in economics and software engineering helped me in switching from the old custom software used by QBO to implementing the SAP system. This was addition to my logistics responsibilities".

Anticipating setbacks.

“I have a team of 8 members, who are responsible for handling the Logistics of all LOTRENE (Low Density Polyethylene and Linear Low Density Polyethylene) products marketed by Total QBO mainly to Europe and Latin America North Africa and the Far East. This is challenging as we are servicing more than 100 destinations in 54 countries. For this, we work closely with partner Muntajat (State Owned Company)”.

LOTRENE products are suited for many applications in the field of consumer, agricultural, industrial, food or hygiene packaging, used in film grade products, pipe and injection molding

“Our biggest priority is to meet the shipment of all allocation, on time. Whenever we face unexpected delays, the challenge is to make sure that our customers are not seriously affected, and we look for the best alternatives to ensure least hardship to our customers. It is therefore a continuous job as we have to anticipate many obstacles”.

Success in team work

“We have come a long way from the beginning, we were in separate offices before, but now we work closely with the E&P affiliate.

Working with an excellent team that has now become more a like family, we feel more structured and more organized. Working in a small team has its advantages as communication is easy, ideas are easy to share, and decision-making is fast.

I feel like my confidence has increased since I started working with Total, as we adopt the Total attitude of boldness, listening, cross functionality and mutual support. The goal is to always keep improving, even with setbacks we continue to strive to be better at what we do.

At Total, safety is very important, and as we are not directly involved with production, the safety is mostly in the office environment and on the road. Along with safety, the health and well-being of my team is given a top priority. We implemented the ‘Step into Health Program’ to encourage walking and we took it a step further, and I take it as a personal responsibility to make sure that everyone walks at least a certain number of steps each day”.

Default description.

“We follow a policy of accessibility, boldness, listening, cross functionality and mutual support. The goal is to always keep improving”



2012 - Present

Logistics Manager- Total R&C – Qatar Office



Assistant Logistics Manager- Total R&C – Qatar Office



Senior Logistics Assistant - Total R&C – Qatar Office


2006 - 2008

Asst Manager – ERP support - Indica Solutions – Chennai India


1998 - 2006

Senior System Administrator – Zuhari - Birla Group company - Chennai India


1995 - 1998

Office Assistant – Plasmet Systems - Bangalore India