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Lionel, Balancing Life between Two Energy Giants


Lionel, an engineer at Total currently heads the Reservoir performance team at Qatargas - the world’s largest LNG producing company and a longstanding partner of Total. His passion for work-related challenges has taken him to 4 different continents were he has gained a distinct and vast global experience.

Diverse History

“After graduating from Ecole de Mines of Saint-Etienne in 1991, I enrolled as reserve officer in the France Airforce as a part of the mandatory military service. Upon completion, I joined Elf Aquitaine before its merger with Total as a Reservoir engineer. Ever since then, I was able to work in France, Angola, Netherlands, Nigeria, Venezuela and of course Qatar.

The opportunity of expatriation and the competitiveness that comes along with it is what attracted me to this company. Being in different locations and working with such diverse people has taught me how to be flexible and easy to adapt. This is important as its best to be culturally sensitive and respecfful. At the same time its very exciting that I have had the chance to meet different colleagues. Some of them became very good friends. Total also offers good conditions which are  compatible with such an expatriation career and a good family life balance.”

Finding the Right Balance

“I love being an expatriate in Qatar, and even more so being seconded to Qatargas. It was an ambitious move for me to accept this position, as I am working now with a different group of people with contrasting work habits and work culture.I have great loyalty to Qatargas and they have high expectations from me as a secondee. Within my position in Qatargas I am able bring insight to Total’s expertise and good practices to support Qatargas’ business and operations, and therefore support Total’s interest, as a shareholder.

The professionality and great work-life balance that Total offers, as well as the rare opportunity that Qatargas offers of working in the North field, one of the largest and most exciting assets in the world is what I value most about my job here.”

Success in Life

“Global experience is something you need to make you grow and become more valuable, in both technical and management skills and  in your general outlook. It gives you the understanding and insight to face different situations boldly, and of course learn through exposure to different geographical and technical entities. Although I’ve worked all my life in reservoir engineering, it is such a large discipline that it gives me a platform to continue growing and broadening my vision on the world.”

Default description.

“Working with a different group of people with contrasting work habits and culture, my strength was to adapt rapidly and show the right attitude”.



2012 - Present

Head of Reservoir Performance at Qatargas – Qatar (Secondee)



Head of Reservoir Engineering at Petrocedeno – Venezuela (Secondee)



Head of Geosciences for OML99 - Total E&P Nigeria



Senior Reservoir Engineer in New Projects - Total Headquarters in Paris



Reservoir Engineer for Onshore assets - Total E&P Netherlands



Reservoir Engineer in New Projects - Total Headquarters in Paris