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Hend, Contributing To Health And Environment

Hend, a young Industrial Hygiene and Environment Engineer working in Total E&P Qatar, is passionate about her work for the company. She is enthusiastic about spreading awareness among her colleagues for ergonomics and hygiene. She also aims at inspiring people to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Trust Laid by Total on Her

“I was very fortunate to be sponsored by Total in my final years of Chemical Engineering in Qatar University. Upon my graduation, I worked in the geochemistry laboratory at Total Research Centre, Qatar, specializing in oil fingerprinting. It was a very proud moment for me being the first Qatari girl to work in Total’s laboratory”.

Choosing Her Own Path

“After two years in the highly advanced lab, I decided to pursue a different path that would still allow me to apply my technical skills. I was very interested in HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) as it is a field that requires direct interaction with the people and to make a difference”.

Leaving Her Mark

“My current job allows me to head campaigns, and my most successful one is the healthy lifestyle campaign launched last year. It’s a combination of several events carried out throughout the year to encourage people to make positive changes in the way they live. It encourages walking, and spreads awareness on common deadly illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and cancer.. Now I can see a positive difference in the health culture of our employees who are committed to this campaign. I’m also in charge of industrial hygiene which focuses on chemical, waste and noise management and ergonomics. I get to network a lot, both internally with my colleagues, and externally with various ministries, organizations and associations”.

On the Road to Excellence

“What I learnt most from my job is the constant need to ask questions and to never stop learning from everyone around you. Once you take the first step to develop yourself, you will always find the support. I’m always training myself to be better at what I do, and also how I think and react to things. There is a big focus on personal growth and motivation at Total, and this has made all the difference”.

Default description.

"Always make an initiative to dig for more information and develop yourself, that's the only way you will progress".



2015 - present

Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Engineer



Environmental Engineer



Joined Total as an Analytical Chemist in the Research Centre – (specializing in oil fingerprinting).



Studying Chemical Engineering at Qatar University (earning a sponsorship by Total for the last two years).