Total is a global, integrated energy producer and provider, the world’s fourth-largest international oil and gas company1 and second-largest international solar operator with SunPower.2

Our goal is to become the leading responsible energy company. We will achieve this through a series of objectives we have set for the next 20 years:

  • meet the growing demand from our customers by providing them affordable energy that meets the highest safety and environmental standards;
  • increase our energy mix by integrating the 2°C guideline set by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA);
  • introduce innovative solutions to drive continuous improvement in our operations.

Making energy better means striving every day to make energy cleaner, safer, more efficient and more accessible. This is what we mean by “Committed to Better Energy.”

A Global Energy Leader

Total's story began nearly a century ago, with the search for oil fields. Today, we operate in 130 countries and have 96,000 employees. We are present across the energy value chain, from finding new resources to marketing products and services to consumers. This positioning and our diversified energy mix — oil, natural gas, solar and biomass — enable us to adapt to market trends and proactively meet our customers’ emerging expectations.

Every day we help to satisfy the growing global demand for energy, which is one of the key challenges of the 21st century. In meeting it, people, excellence and innovation are the key success factors in our quest to create a different and better energy future.

Always More, Always Better 

Making energy better is a multifaceted process. The most important aspect is safety – much more than a priority, it’s a value for our Group – but it also involves reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, assessing and shrinking our environmental footprint, continuously improving the energy efficiency and quality of our products, engaging with our stakeholders and helping to drive local economic and social development in our host communities. It is this spirit that we at Total demonstrate every day by making people a core concern and the focus of everything we do as we interact with our environment. Who we are is based on the four cornerstone behaviors embedded in our DNA: listening, mutual support, cross-functionality and boldness.

Developing Access to More Efficient, Sustainable Energy

Energy is vital and a source of progress. It plays an indispensable role in improving people’s standards of living and driving their country’s economic growth. Our mission is to provide access to reliable energy to as many people as possible, everywhere in the world. To fulfill it, we are pursuing two pathways: developing eco-efficient products and services and combating fuel poverty.

Promoting Confidence in a Responsible Energy Future 

Our growth is meaningful only if it is aligned with two core priorities: stakeholder acceptance of our social license to operate and co-development of our host communities. That is why it is built on strict compliance with a Code of Conduct anchored in respect, responsibility and exemplary behavior. Wherever we operate, we engage with communities and ensure that our actions consistently deliver added value economically, socially and environmentally. This is what motivates everyone at Total worldwide, every day.


1 Based on market capitalization in U.S. dollars on December 31, 2015.

2 Based on market capitalization in U.S. dollars on December 31, 2015.

key figures

  • 96,000
    employees worldwide
  • $7.4
    billion planned for R&D investment 2015-2019
  • 19%
    reduction in greenhouse gas emissions 2010-2015
  • 4million
    customers worldwide a day in our service stations

worldwide projects

Our Worldwide presence

  • North & South America 239
  • Europe & CIS 619
  • Middle East 536
  • Africa 670
  • Asia-Pacific 235

kboe per day

kboe : thousands of barrels of oil equivalent

  • North & South America 15 968
  • Europe & CIS 56 769
  • Middle East 1 269
  • Africa 9 839
  • Asia-Pacific 14 964


*Including French Overseas Departments and Territories

  • North & South America 438
  • Europe & CIS 9 606
  • Middle East 770
  • Africa 3 726
  • Asia-Pacific 1 011

service stations

Total, Total Access, Elf, Elan and AS24 service stations. Excluding the AS24 network in Europe

  • North & South America 58
  • Europe & CIS 106
  • Middle East 4
  • Africa 3
  • Asia-Pacific 35

refining & chemical sites

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